Beta Readers: Thank you!


1/3 - This is why you are so important: authors are emotionally attached to their work. They can proofread, proofread, and proofread, but they can't always see the typos, plot holes, or terrible grammar when their minds are full of the story. 

2/3 -You, the unbiased, third party, help by getting your non-emotional eyes on the work. You can see what we've missed (though, by gosh, we've tried). What we've forgotten, when we've mis-named a character or location later in the book, or if we've completely forgotten to send the entire file. Hee hee. 

3/3 I need your feedback on whether the story is cohesive. Whether the motivations of the heroine, hero, are understood. Whether I accurately explained away the twist, or whether that fight-scene is physically impossible to humans. Tell me what you think. Tell me what doesn't make sense. I'm a big girl. I'll take it. It's true I am likely to think my work is the best I've ever done, but it's also true that who counts is you, the reader. 

I'll keep in touch!


ARC Readers: Thank you!


1/3 - Here's why you are so important: You are the one who reads the draft at nearly the very end. Did we, the authors, manage to make successful revisions during the beta reading phase? Did we still manage to forget to capitalize the main character's name? You make sure all is as perfect as it can get (in this imperfect world). 

2/3 - You get to see the book in most of its publishing trappings.

3/3 - Your part in this process is two-fold. It's hard work and difficult for authors to market in self-publishing. We desperately need your help in generating excitement for and interest in our babies (our book babies). We work hard writing them, tearing out our hair, and crying into the carpet twice a week. We love our stories, and we want readers to as well. You, lovely ARC Readers, help us find our readers by spreading the word on social media, blogs, Facebook pages, school, work, church, coffee houses, by requesting our books in libraries, and pre-ordering them in bookstores. 

I'll keep you in the loop!