Writing’s my game though it’s not in my name…not without a bunch of rearranging an

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I’m pretty sure I’m a writer…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde.

I decided to let the Oscar Wilde quote stay. It came with the furnishings. But you’re wondering who I am. I am most definitely a writer. I write better than I speak. My feelings and ideas are expressed pretty well though the written word. They are expressed so well in this medium that I’ve made my sister cry. I never feel too guilty about that. She was a grown woman at the time…and she was most certainly in my room when she shouldn’t have been. Neither here, nor there. Moving right along…

I’ve utilized blogs for several millennia now and once in the slightly, ever so-almost-published sphere. What happened there? I wrote a book specifically for the same sister mentioned above.

She is actually the best sister in her field. I’ve tested the theory. Believe me. She moved to Italy at one point and was approaching a birthday. I was struggling financially, but she had been such a huge help to me even while overseas and I wanted to give her something meaningful. I wrote every night for a few months and edited it to the best of my ability. I used a (now obsolete) form of self-publishing available at the time and ordered two copies. She tells me she reads her book every six months and it makes her so happy. High praise from someone who endured your entire life, hm?

That book put me on the road to writing. That book will be the published work that precedes every thing else I publish. I love it and I miss it and I’m back at it.

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