This Over That

It's been a rather interesting journey to becoming a published person. My momentum is constant. My momentum is strong. My momentum is all-encompassing. After a full day of staring at my laptop or in my little studio with my pc or on my phone creating, posting, editing or composing, I just need to Netflix n Chill. That lasts for 7.18 minutes. I jump back up to my laptop, or pc, or phone to create, post, edit or compose. Is this what the rest of my life will be?

Eh. Worth it.

I've spent many years confused, in a loop, aimlessly wandering and wondering about my life trajectory. I'll take this over that with gratitude. At least this way I know where I'm going.

It's amazing what we'll endure when the struggle is actually worth it. We'll take it all on. That inescapable vision of your future makes the small brain-dulling details, hovering around the steps on your journey, a wispy vapor on your destiny's horizon.

Oh, I'll absolutely take this over what was before.

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