A Short Story About My Short Story That Hopefully Leads To Your Story

I am writing a short story based on a middle-of-the-night idea. Those are the best kind, right? I am so intrigued by the idea that I open my notes app right there in the bed and "make a note" of it. I stay awake a while thinking about it. I think about it for the next couple of days. It comes to mind every now and then in the passing months.

I don't do anything with it for perhaps a year, or more. Why not, you ask? Because I don't consider myself a short story writer. Oh, yes. I do wish I could write a story around it. But what about my un-reworked my novella from ten years ago that is still in editing mode?

Then, I hit upon a sudden and unexpected mindset change. "Yes! I am a writer!" I say to no one in particular. I learn about mind-mapping, how the publishing and self-publishing trends are changing in the last decade and that the benefits of yesteryear are no longer as weighty. My knowledge is incredibly obsolete.

You know all the fear and "what ifs" that hold you back no matter the subject? It could be whether you go the movies or restaurant on your own or whether you jump into your life's dream with no safety net. I have all those things...until now. The freedom of plowing into your destiny and knocking aside all the barriers with faces you've assigned to them (fake friends, in-laws, enemies, you) is mind-blowing.

Because, truthfully, I'm no longer writing books for them. I'm writing books for...them. "Them", my descendants' legacy and inheritance. "Them", my future readers (who like my books that is). "Them", the books on my shelf with the name "N. Annette Knight" on the spine who want a new friend to join them. They are the ones who count. I'm also writing books for me (even the me who believed I probably couldn't do it) because it is my destiny to do so.

Find yourself knocking aside the barriers you've set up to your destiny. Yes, you absolutely can.

Good morrow.

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