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Sometimes we hesitate to go for a download or purchase even when we may be convinced it'll be worth it. But will it? I get it. So, I'll help you out. Personally, I like my book, but I'm biased. Not really sure why that is.

My favorite parts of The Engine Tamer tend to be the snarky, humorous bits...or fighting scenes. Let me see if I can find a scene that includes all that and beyond...

Alright, I'm back. Let's see if this whets your appetite for a good, old-fashioned adventure!

When she reached the wall, she crept over to the iron gate. Lying flat on her belly to peer through the iron bars. No movement. How secure was the emperor’s palace that no one considered a patrolling guard on the grounds? The grounds housed a series of outbuildings with covered walkways leading through a garden to the much larger palace in the center. Where does a Nobody enter the palace, she asked herself. She stood halfway, trying to find the primary gate to the palace when she spied movement at the corner of her eye. Thinking a small animal was searching for its breakfast, she turned to see. A figure stood in the shadows of a tree further down the lane. Tamara froze. Also clad in riding goggles, helmet, jacket and boots, the shadowy figure didn’t move as it watched her. She knew without a doubt this was her night ride pursuer. Not stopping to think about what she was doing, she scaled the gate, slipping twice, and propelled herself over the top before dropping painfully to the other side. “Hey! You!” She heard a commanding voice call to her. Aargh! I assumed because I couldn’t see them they weren’t there! Fright fueled her flight to the cottage-like outbuilding nearest her, praying someone who wouldn’t turn her away was inside. Shouts erupted on the ground and she lowered herself closer to the ground for aerodynamics and sprinted past the cottage and further into the garden surrounding the palace. Her breath was strained and shallow in her ears. This behavior was bound to get her shot, and she heard the furious voices behind her tell her so. She couldn’t stop now. She had to take her chances. Tamara vaulted small bushes, circumvented fish ponds, toppled over low stone walls, and zigzagged through flowering trees and trellises. Her steps faltered as she felt her strength ebbing. Her chest hurt with the pain of exertion. She reached a circular inner garden before a tall, golden door, when it swung open. A tall, bearded man in crisp, flowered robes stepped out of the door, held up a hand, and uttered a single command, “Stop!” Rocks and pebbles sprayed from beneath Tamara’s feet as she skidded across a rock path. She slid to the ground and stared up at the man before her. Thundering footsteps vibrated the ground as all of her pursuers converged upon her. “Who are you, young man?” Asked the man before the golden door, “Why would you attempt so dangerous a stunt when you can see how close you’ve come to death?” “I…,” Tamara choked on air. “I made it…this far…!” she wheezed. The man’s eyebrows rose, “You’re a woman?” Tamara coughed up a lung there among the pebbles, “All my life.” “And are you an assassin?” He asked, odd humor creeping into his voice.

end of excerpt

This scene was a ton of fun to write! If you're looking for more of this tone to read, click here to get the whole book in paperback or digital form.

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