New Book Who 'dis?

A book cover featuring a young woman wearing a red ribbon in her hair.
The Servant Girl*

New books coming on the horizon! It's 2022 and life just won't stop! This year started off with all the things, and I spent much of my time going into a downward spiral. However, here I am again, just like you. Trouble don't last always...but garsh darnit, do we even need it to happen at all?!

Anyway. One of the things that helps move me along through the dark is writing and reading. I'm preparing Book II of the Daughters Of New Victoria trilogy for publishing and I'm excited! I really like storytelling through the written word. And frankly, I find my stuff interesting. heh heh! I'm rereading another manuscript that I haven't touched in two years, and I been surprised and taken aback at the twists and turns. During this re-reading, I'm making pen edits (like a stupid) and writing crazy notes at my past self about how ridiculously she wrote the book. Like, how is she going to add in certain shocking information and not explain it! But then, I'll move along a few pages, or a chapter, and see that my past self is smarter than my current self: she knew exactly what she was doing and explained herself precisely. I would almost swear there are two people living in my body sometimes. One is pretty on-point and logical. The other is...just a mess.

Yanny-hoo, look forward to THE SERVANT GIRL, Book II in The Daughters Of New Victoria Trilogy coming this year (Blurbs and synopses coming later).

Get Book 1 here.

Good morrow.

*Title and cover subject to change and modifications before publication

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