First Week Down After Publishing My First eBook

book cover for And Riley Runs eBook
Cover of And Riley Runs eBook

Welp! I've done it! I've published my first ebook AND RILEY RUNS on Amazon using their proprietary program...KDP. I should find out what that stands for, eh? I was an absolute wreck on release day --1 October. I couldn't remember what I was doing. I couldn't focus on anything and I left one activity for another on the way to visit the bathroom. I left my phone in mysterious places and picked up my Kindle simply because it had a screen. I honestly never want to experience that mindset again. Publishing was great fun until the day! But I'll experience it again and again and again, because I have many more books in me!

The stats currently for And Riley Runs is 80 downloads! What? Say again? What? I have received three reviews on Amazon and even have a review and three ratings on! I was not expecting that!

If you wandered into my blog on a drunk night of shopping online, let me explain to you who I am and what I've just done and why I'm so excited. I wrote my second book, but this time, I published it for the world to see!! It's a short thriller and if you're into thrillers and suspense you can read an excerpt here and download a copy here. If you're into family connections and rescue, that same link works! According to readers of my book, the family element made the most impression on them. Hmmm...I suppose I could consider a book about family...hmmm...

If you download it and enjoy, you have my sincere gratitude! Ever feel anxious that people won't like you, or won't like what you've just done, or you're proud, but are sure other people find nothing about you of which to admire? That's me, folks. That's me. Leave me a review. Please. It's the evidence that my book was read and enjoyed (or even criticized, but at least read). I also don't know how to hone my craft without the insight of others.

Thank you and happy reading!

N. Annette Knight

Author of AND RILEY RUNS: A Short Story Thriller available on


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