Christmas Spirit Story Comes Alive With Art

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Christmas Spirit Comes Alive With Art

But first, let me tell you that 2021 is half-over! I've done a lot! Actually, I've been inside all day long. I get fresh air though! I run outside just after I remember I haven't watered the plants. In general, I remember our green earth-siblings juuuuuust before they die, and I revive them with my super powers of Attention-To-Detail. They spring back like nothing ever happened. Must. Do. Better.

Like many of the other humans on this planet, I work from home. I'm caught up in completing work, writing, marketing, staring out the window, eating crackers, wishing I could slack off, and playing "Tennessee Whiskey" on loop. It's nice work if you can get it. I'm a weirdo. My husband agrees.

Since The Engine Tamer (T.E.T. to insiders) has finally been published, I've been watching its progress like someone who has had absolutely nothing to do with its inception. It feels like a child I've nurtured has gone off off into the world to do its best. I've been watching Tamara's (heroine) story being read on Kindle Unlimited, purchased in paperback form and as eBooks, and I sit amazed that my little baby is all grown up and real!

Weirdo. Like I said.

In addition to alllll these things I'm doing "incredibly well", I've picked up the second manuscript in The Daughters Of New Victoria series. I didn't plan to. Honest. I wasn't going to work on it at all until 2022, but...when the instinct hits, you must commitsss...

I see your side-eye and I agree that what I wrote above was simply awful.

Annnnnd...I'm illustrating Christmas Spirit for the holidays! (see photo) I wrote the short story back in 2019 and felt like it needed to be more than just a story I wrote for social media way back when. My instinct was confirmed as "good" when my good friend and serial-friend-supporter told me she would love to see it as a children's book. Thus, this.

I've never wanted to establish myself as a children's book author, but I have relished the idea of being an illustrator. One of my favourite author/illustrators as a child was Rosemary Wells

I still get the warm fuzzies when I look at her books. In fact, she had such an impact on my visual life as a child that she was one of the first authors I thought of when I became a mother and browsed Audible for her books narrated.

While I do not expect such a life-long response from readers of my art, I do, however, want to infuse the spirit of such a memory into my own little story. It's amazing to see just how far I've come in the last few years. I've actually become an artist and I sell my artwork and I'm a writer. I never allowed myself to think I was ever good enough. But look at me now.

2021 has been amazing. I hope yours is blessed as well.


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