Author Writes Odd Ode to August And Her New Writing Adventure

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Newspaper Headline Graphic Author Writes Odd Ode To August
Newspaper Headline Graphic

Gee willikers. This year has been…

Let's say it all together…

"A learning experience!"

I know that isn't at all what most of you were going to say. The less-inhibited ones among us chose several four-letter words. The more inhibited ones among us mouthed those same four-lettered words behind our masks silently where no one would be the wiser.

There isn't anything I can say about this year that hasn't been said already, so I won't crowdfund the “negativity and depression” cloud hanging above us all. Instead, I'll get down to the business of describing where my debut thriller novel is in its process.

It's in a folder on my shelf.’s what happened: since I consider myself to be occasionally smart, able to take constructive criticism once a year, and mentally well-balanced during odd-numbered months, when writing peers suggested I let The Silent Deep Dark sit and convalesce for a bit to re-energize my mind, I did so. But, what does a writer do when completely swamped with different particulars in life while taking a break on a manuscript?

I’ll tell you: writers write other things.

And guess what I did...

I wrote an entirely new book over the summer.

I what? Yes. I wrote a whole, new book.

Gasp! Shock!

When I say I wrote an entire book over the summer, what I mean is I am only a few thousand words short of 75k! And at the time of this scheduled posting, you can bet I wrote “the end” pretty recently (like maybe in the last hour).

My manuscript tells the story of a young woman whose passion is mechanics and engineering. After finding herself unexpectedly coerced into serving in the emperor’s defense force as an engine tamer on the newest, most cutting-edge, and most expensive airship in the force, she overhears an assassination plot aimed at one of the highest ranking pilots in His Highness’ force. Espionage and duplicity surround her, and she isn’t sure she can trust her closest friend! (I don’t have a great blurb, yet, but I’ll get there). There may even be a sprinkling of attraction, romance, heavy longing, wistfulness, and some arse-kicking for spiciness on the cake!

August is the month. It’s the end of me sitting and worrying about covid-19 like it’s sitting outside my door. I’m putting on my mask, washing my hands, and not giving it the time of day. It’s the month I work on sending this novel to proofreaders and editors. It’s the month I prepare it for beta readers. It’s the month I work on my plan for launching it.

Typically, August is that in-between place. That time when you can miss what came before and wish for what’s coming next. August is rarely a celebrated month in itself. It's transitory. You have to endure August to get to….whatever. But, I'm going to change that this year. I’m doing things in August!

Here's to August and its dawning of "new", "change", and "transition"! August is the time for executing vision, moving forward, and leaving things behind. Cheers to August!

What is August for you?

P.S. After August, I return to my thriller. Oh, yeah. Mama’s busy!

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