Author Writes About Questionable Inspiration Behind Latest Book

I'm told people enjoy knowing as much as they can about their favourite well as the awful idea that created the thing they ABHOR. Heh Heh. I hope I don't fall into the latter category. Please?

My current (work-in-progress) novel actually came about by a change in my mindset. No, no! Don't leave just like that! This isn't an inspirational post at all! Stay.

When I was a prepubescent, I sneaked my sister's books. Because she is older than me, she read books at her level (i.e. teenage romances). When I outgrew teenage romances, I sneaked her adult romances. Now, romances (real and imaginary) were "off-limits" according to my mother. What can I say? She had a series of less-than-holy run-ins as a teenager and she went completely left-field while raising us (you know how moms do). Anyhoo, while reading my sister's books in chunks behind sofas, or hiding books in my clothes to read in the bathroom, I was immersed in the world of FEELINGS. Off-limit feelings, you understand.

Fast forward seventy-two years of repression and I began writing again. Guess what kept leaking out of my manuscripts. You have it: romance."Blood will out" as they say. What does that mean?

A random conversation on Twitter led to another author telling me to follow the direction my heart is leading. And where did my heart lead me? Aaaadventure Noveellllls!! The heart is the most insane, confusing organ in the world. But here's the thing, intertwined within the adventure is a natural attraction between the main heroine and the pseudo-hero.

Back in January, I wrote an adventure novella (that I will revise and release at a later date) that positively dripped with hormones. And sometime around the same month, I wrote a romantic short story. But as I wrote, I found my favourite theme was of young women forced into a stridently coercive situation in their lives that brings out the fight in them! Yeeaaah! I enjoy writing fight scenes for women (I enjoy martial arts. Action movies are all I watched for a decade. It's all I read from age 16 to 20. And I even tried to write adventure novels at that same age. We won't diminish my current legacy by writing about those). For a while, I categorized my new novel as a Adventure & Romance. But, as I browsed book genres, I was gratified to see that I am not alone in my quest to write about romance and adventure all together! Isn't it amazing how easy it is to feel we're the only ones doing something and we feel anxious by it? I am writing a Romantic Adventure Novel as legitimized by Goodreads and Amazon. :-D

This book (we'll code name it Book The First) came about by the shedding of childhood. The stories in me are adventurous (like me), sensual (to do with the senses, not just hormones, kids), full of dominant personalities, and off-keel settings. The first books I wrote in my youth featured male characters: fighters, secret agents, emotionally stunted authors in their 30s (oh, gosh. Freud much?). But now, in this season of my authorship, I'm writing fiercely emotionally strong women who fight against all that is wrong, don't need rescuing, and fight with the male protagonist to see the change they desire.

That's too much soul-baring psychology for one blog post.

Now what I want to know is what have you realized has changed and morphed into the "real" you as you grew older?

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