Author Sets Overly-Ambitious Goals For Year

So this will be an exciting year. Not to say this year hasn't already been filled with more excitement than I've ever wanted.

You know something? I'm not into excitement anymore. I'm done. Everything else in the world, for the rest of eternity, can be vanilla-vanilla.

You did read my last post about the little "sneaky" I pulled? Oh, good. While I feel I should probably feel I bit off more than I can chew...I don't. Is that bad?

It feels "right". This is the story I was meant to write when I wrote it. I didn't struggle. I didn't push for it. I sat down, plotted, and wrote. It flowed from me. Mostly.

So, here's how I see the next year...with room for change because I'm a bit too ambitious, over-motivated, and impatient. That's the exact recipe for "this-ain't-gonna-happen-bub".

2 months of editing, proofread, revision, and beta reading.

1 and a half months of launch preparedness.

1 and a half months of post-launch celebration.

(Where does that have me? January??That year is almost gone!)

Then, I'll coast on the miracle that is my book.

Are you laughing derisively, too?

As far as plans go, I still have a thriller to complete. I honestly believed this would be the year I would launch it, but spirit, and universe had different ideas, eh? I say it's better to work within those parameters than it is to force something mediocre and poorly written into the atmosphere because of a personal sense of schedule or responsibility. Truth?

And, that is where NKnightWrites, or N. Annette Knight Writes, or NKW, stands right now. The nature of life means some of those things will move, change, morph, or delete. I'm alright with that!

Here's what I want to know: do you have specific goals for yourself, or your business? Do you have short-term, and long-term goals?

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