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An excerpt from the short story thriller

And Riley Runs:

     Angeline struggles to sound calm and normal.

    “Set the phone up against a rock or something so I can see you standing straight. It messes with my senses when I see you staring down…or up…at me when you set the phone down. It’s weird.”

     Riley smiles a little and her phone emits scraping and thudding noises as she leans it against a ledge of a jutting rock. She steps back and pulls open her messenger bag. Angeline watches her rifle through it. Sitting back, she assesses the terrain behind her daughter. The front facing camera of her daughter’s phone doesn’t allow her to see very much when Riley is holding it, but now that she is further away, Angeline can see more. Hardly any trees. Rocky hills. Tons of large boulders. Areas that seem to be crevices and perhaps small caves for small animals.

     She quietly mumbles a prayer for help. What can she do from here?

     “I found a peppermint.” She hears her daughter's muffled voice.

     “Mm…good. See if there’s anything else,” she mumbles, her chin in her hand as she examines what she can see in the video.

     “M’kay,” from Riley. Riley sets the bag on the ground and leans over it for leverage. Her daughter’s new position reveals a dark object in the distance behind her. Is that an animal? Oh, God. Do foxes live in that terrain? Do they eat people? Angeline leans forward. Riley pulls a wrapped object out of her bag and excitedly leans toward the phone, holding up a small packet of Oreos to show her mother. At this, the dark object behind her daughter moves in a manner that Angeline can only describe as…a man ducking from sight. Angeline’s blood runs cold.

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