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In a video call, Angeline Wilson's blood goes cold when she sees the shadowy figure ducking out of sight behind her young daughter Riley. Angeline is hours away at work and time is running out. Riley is lost, alone, faced with a low phone battery, a setting sun and a head injury. What does she do?

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Adam, an established writer of historical texts and research articles, finds himself in the midst of hilarious and embarrassing situations one winter. These situations follow an unwelcome surprise introduction to a young woman named Leah, during a family Christmas dinner. After hilariously alienating this young woman and discovering his own personal emotional hiccups, Adam finds himself  (a 30-something, accomplished man of some renown) vulnerable and laid open to Leah's honest assessment.  A humorous revelation about Adam forces this young woman into Adam's company for longer than either one prefers.

A fantasy adventure.


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